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Ibiza is synonymous with clubbing. Say the name of this Spanish island and images of nights out in packed clubs followed by days spent recovering on the beach will invariably spring to mind. While there are actually plenty of tranquil spots in Ibiza too (I know, I know - hard to believe given its reputation, right?), this destination is unbeatable if you're after a real party holiday.

Today, I'm going to give you a quick introduction to the island's two most important ingredients - clubs and beaches. So, if you've never been before and are wondering where you shouldn't miss, this is the guide for you. And for those of you who want to get on and book your break, you'll find that this website is a reliable place to find good deals on hotels.

Now, without further ado, let's talk partying!

Clubs - what you need to know

Before you travel, it's worth getting familiar with the way the nightlife works in Ibiza. For instance, while each venue has its own distinct character and vibe, the kind of music and crowd from one night to the next can vary depending on the promoter that's running each event.

Each night is planned by either the club or promoter, and you can check out exactly what's on when (and where!) by visiting the clubs' websites. That said, it's worth bearing in mind that a lot of the venues in Ibiza are pretty massive, and will usually have smaller rooms that'll play different music to the main one on any given night. So, there's pretty much always scope to find something you like!

In terms of entry, if there's any particular club or event you're dead set on attending, it's worth booking your tickets online in advance - that way, you can relax safe in the knowledge you'll definitely get in, and you'll probably pay less too.

Which clubs to hit

So, where should you go? Of course, that's quite a personal choice, but let's be honest, if this is your first clubbing trip to Ibiza, you're bound to want to hit the biggest names. So, it makes sense to put Pacha at the top of your list.

The oldest club in Ibiza, Pacha (which is near the marina in Ibiza Town) is one of the world's most famous clubs. Its programme was given an overhaul last year, which means you can look forward to a seriously fresh club experience. Like a lot of the clubs in Ibiza, there are so many little rooms here that you're bound to miss a couple - but try to check out the Funky Room if you can.

The world's biggest nightclub, Privilege has to be seen to be believed - trust me, the term 'gigantic' does not cover it. You could probably fit half of Ibiza's clubs in here and still have plenty of room left over! Expect a dramatic layout (including a DJ booth suspended over a swimming pool), top tunes and a great atmosphere.


Let's finish up by taking a quick peek at the best beaches. Probably the number one place to be seen, Las Salinas near Playa d'en Bossa is a firm favourite among celebrities. Stretching for a whole mile, this gorgeous slice of sand is known for its party vibe, making it a great place to go if you fancy your days setting the scene for the evenings.

Plus, there are plenty of water sports to try here, not to mention some decent bars and cafes to get you in the holiday mood.

Of course, if you're suffering a bit from the night before, a lively beach isn't necessarily the best medicine. But never fear, because there are loads of super-quiet beaches on the island, if you know where to look. One is the stunning Es Portitxol, with azure waters, dramatic cliff surroundings and barely any other travellers.


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Scotland’s capital is famous for its iconic annual festivals, Holyrood House, its clubs and restaurants and its beauty. The city is easily accessible from all parts of the UK and the rest of the world.

It’s easy to fly to and from Edinburgh

If you don’t have much time and don’t want to spend hours on a train or stuck on a motorway, then the easiest option is to fly to and from Edinburgh. For example, if you have a busy work schedule but want to spend a long weekend in the city then it’s easy to choose flights from Edinburgh for a convenient solution.

You can have a wonderful mini-break and be back at your desk ready for the working week. For those who have more time you can use Edinburgh as your base and then fly on to Benbecula in the Outer Hebrides or any other destination. 

Most flights from Edinburgh will connect you with the rest of Europe.


Global flights from an international city

The Edinburgh Festival is truly international and it’s very easy for you to include this occasion on your late summer timetable and then go on to another festival elsewhere. In fact sight seeing by festival is an exciting way to see the world. You could celebrate the end of winter with a visit to the Venice Carnival and then go on to the March Snowbombing Festival in Austria. 

The Avignon Festival in July is one of France’s oldest arts festivals and this will put you in a perfect frame of mind to fly from Avignon, directly to Edinburgh for the August festivities. 


Flying in for fun for the Edinburgh Festivals

In 2014, the renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival starts on the 1st August and will continue until the 25th of the month. The Edinburgh International Festival runs from the 8th until the 31st of the month. Both festivals are exciting and offer the spectator a chance to spot the talent of the future and the opportunity to revel in new and wonderful performances. 

If you’ve still got the energy, then why not fly from Edinburgh to Barcelona and take part in the September Merce Arts Festival? This is an exhilarating display of dance, regattas, street art and many other activities and has been in existence since 1871. With the growth of international air travel, festival hopping couldn’t be easier.

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Of course, London is the New Atlantis, indeed it is. Should you be so privileged to actually live in the Old Metropolis of The Royal Empire, your breast must surely leap like flying fish with joy to see The Poky London sun, leftover 'babs' in the gutter*, yet another unlicensed mini cab driver gesticulating at you - bike-bound - intimating aggression inbetween "wankaaah" and "you faakin cont".

{loadposition content_adsensecontent}

And as for the whereabouts of the self-appointed style gurus/beautiful people, just head to High St. Ken and flop your impotent tongue in the gentle smog in the wake of sweeping Sloan stereotypes, waggling their arises and Daddy's credit cards in unison, every deliciously clean-cut Barbour toting man hoping to follow Imran Khan up the Hebrew cabalistic.

Elsewhere? In Camden a.k.a London's Seattle: legions of tight young things preening in obeisance to the ubiquitous Manc Duffers, all slouching like cheap menswear icons to the straight four/four beat of Musical Tedium. Pursuing the grail of Kool through the pages of the NME and championing the most feeble of TRAD rockers through fame/adultery/twilite to the early grave they happily share with the deadened Muse.

You want examples? Jesus, we're only just starting out here. Don't get so impatient, Maaaan. The victims of slavish musical trends are sufficiently known to turn all red-cheeked without prompts from your Man From The UnderGround.

Better to promote the bedraggled few who appear to care sufficiently to pursue their own undoubted inspiration through the hedgerows of anonymity until The Curse of BritPop has passed and died a death at the hands of the Mental Enema Contractors...

There's no confusing some people, as Delicatessen titled their third LP, follows the bewildering disappearance of Hustle Into Bed which, as their guitarist Craig pointed out, truly suffered at the hands of the aforementioned ShitPop and despite being a revelation of sleaze, sex and arcane but Spot-On cultural references, sank beneath retailers' shelves under the godawful 'weight' of the Menswear album. Which even I bought and discarded as jizz tissue.

Anyhows, it looks like the press are finally tired of cocking their ears to the Deli Boyz and a spew of NEXT BIG THING features have already hit newsprint, to be followed by a bundle more if they actually ever manage to release a well-promoted single (the tip-off is PSYCHO on the newie....). And their singer Neil Carlill - so I have it on the blood written testimony of female frenz - IS SEX...

Otherwise the Hip Kids on the streets of Hackney, Soho and selected areas of Islington are getting down in unison and doing the Harlem Shuffle in apelike pantomime, rocking so hard that the roof of the nearby Camden Eiffel Palace literally exploded into love-making shards.

And well too might the Kids, should the Apes reemerge with a new tasty record deal sticking out of their back pockets. Led by Miller, a Scally gospel singer, the Apes plough a juicy furrow between the kickin' monstrous metal groove of DIAMONDS thru the Sunday a.m. on a hilltop jaunt of COUNTRY SUNDAY to the Hard and Blistering Funk of C'MON EVERYBODY DO THE BETHLEHEM SLOUCH, which will have parents worldwide facing a barrage of enquiries from their emulant teens. Their time shall come, brothas/sistas, you better get yer shelter sorted now.....

As for THE UNSOPHISTICATES, little is known; I was told i'd love them EVEN MORE THAN PENTHOUSE (UK band famed for their hard & sleazy sound) but as the Prophets say, Give Me A Brick and I'll Create a CornerStone for Londoners who Know Not What Such A Stone Is. Ignorant bleeders. Their album GUIDO steers irresistibly through eclectic Gallon Drunk fuck'd-with rhythms to torch laments of lovelorn loss, in much the same vein as their equally unlikely contemporaries DAWN OF THE REPLICANTS. Killer, Boss, Killah.

As for the rest, in our rare spare moments, me and the Brothas/Sistas kick back and toast 'London's Only Alternative' radio station Xfm's recent advent - after 5 years of test tranmissions - with as many Big Fat Ones As Possible. then we curse their reliance on the fuckin verve, fuckin oasis, fuckin LL Cool J, ferchrissakes.....

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Some people might look for complete solitude during a tropical island vacation to get away from it all, but no matter how blissful beach holidays can be, some long for great night life as well...

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