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One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Hong Kong is a thriving and vibrant city set amongst beautiful natural surroundings. An open city with a wonderful natural harbour, Hong Kong is a meeting place of various exotic Chinese cultures. Hong Kong provides a wide range of fun filled activities for visitors around the globe.  

One of the city’s most notable landmarks is the Victoria Peak. Look down at the city’s incredible skyline from this famous vantage point. Located at the foothills of Sha Tin Mountain, the Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas is one of the most famous monasteries in the city. Visit the serene Wong Sai Temple and walk through the calm Chinese gardens. Explore the ancient Chinese history and discover exclusive artefacts at the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Visit the Clock Tower. Standing tall as an elegant reminder of the past, the Clock Tower is the highlight of Hong Kong.  

Probably one of the most fascinating places to visit in Hong Kong is the Temple street night market. From opera singers to Chinese fortune tellers, this market will leave you awestruck and you will enjoy the theatre and festivity of the traditional Chinese culture. Visit the Avenue of Stars, representing the glamour of the famous Hong Kong film industry. Watch the illustrious show named ‘A Symphony of Lights’ while at the Avenue of Stars. Embark upon a magical journey in Hong Kong’s Disneyland. From Mystic point to Grizzly Gulch to the Toy Story Land, Disneyland provides a mix of adventures for all ages. Hire a traditional Chinese Junk and set off away from the main city. Visit the Lamma Island, for a lunch at its famous sea food restaurants. You can board a harbour cruise and see the magnificent city of lights from its symbolic centre.  

Listen to the songbirds tweet in elaborate mahogany cages at the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. Feed them grasshoppers while listening to their melodious tweets. Visit the Zoological and Botanical Gardens. The gardens have an interesting mix of flora and fauna from different species of birds and mammals to the rare yellow Camellia. Get on to the rooftop of the Peninsula Hotel and take Heli-Tour of the city at night. Watch the dazzling city during the night and experience the beauty of the man made attractions of Hong Kong. With abundance of blue-collar clients at shared tables, Lin Heung Tea House is a place to visit. Enjoy delicious dim sums with a fine cup of tea.  

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The nightlife of Hong Kong is something you just cannot miss. You can visit various pubs and clubs in the city. Aqua Spirit Bar is styled like a Buddha Bar and overlooks the fantastic skyline of Hong Kong from the 30th floor. You can visit various other bars like Club 64, La Dolce Vita, The Charter Lounge etc. Some of the finest places to dine at Hong Kong would be Alibi, Blue Lemon, Daruma Ramen House, Post 97, Tandoor etc. 

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