Why Villa Rentals Are Better Than Hotels

Aleta Fimbres 03/03/2018

The last decade has seen a real shift in terms of the types of accommodations which tourists are using, and vacation rental properties in general have been taking up a hefty amount of market share which hotels once had. Personally speaking I was always a proponent of hotels and I had my mind made up. Last year however, I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks in Thailand for my cousin’s birthday, in the beautiful destination of Koh Samui, one of Thailand’s finest resorts. As I wasn’t organising the trip, I had no say in where we stayed, and my cousin booked us all into a┬ábeautiful Samui villa for the fortnight.


After the time that I spent in this villa, I quickly changed my mind about hotels and I have been using private rentals and villas ever since. If you still think hotels are best, here is why I no longer agree with you.


Whilst you can always find a hotel that is cheaper than a villa, when looking at like-for-like in terms of duration and quality, there is only one option in terms of which is cheaper. If you happen to be traveling in a group,the rate will work out to be far more cost effective than staying in a hotel.


When you are traveling in a group and staying at a hotel, you are all separated in to different rooms. In a villa, whilst you may well be separated into your own private rooms, the social and common areas are all very close together which means that you can better enjoy your time away as a group.


Hotels may offer privacy inside your room, but aside from that it offers very little and you will need to share the restaurant, the common areas and the swimming pool, with the rest of the guests. When you rent a villa, you can be guaranteed privacy both in your room, and in the other areas of the villa.


One thing which I absolutely love about staying in a villa or a private rental, is being able to prepare some food on my own terms. As much as I love going out to eat when I am somewhere new, I usually prefer to keep it simple for lunch and breakfast, and so being able to prepare┬ásomething in the kitchen is a real benefit. This not only makes your life far easier, especially if you have kids, but it can actually be more cost effective as you aren’t eating out all of the time.

Home From Home

Hotels, even the best, often lack a bit of character and this is something which will definitely not happen when you rental villa or a private rental. These types of accommodation are designed to give you a home from home feel about it and you can count on small touches and features which can make you feel super comfortable on your vacation.

The next time that you go away, why not see what vacation rental options you can find?

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