Tung Ping Chau Hong Kong

Aleta Fimbres 05/10/2012

Tung Ping Chau

Little Tung Ping Chau is famous for its diverse coastline and offshore reefs with more than 60 types of coral and 35 types of algae.

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Shaped like a crescent moon, the island is only 2km long with sandy beaches and low cliffs. At low tide you can see coral heads as you walk along the ferry pier. Several trails wind through hamlets and small forests dotted around the island. Head out for a tranquil afternoon, or stay overnight at one of the lodges or pitch a tent in the campsite.


Often confused with Peng Chau near Discovery Bay, Tung Ping Chau is located at the furthest north-eastern tip of Hong Kong. Ferries depart from Ma Liu Shui near University KCR station on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The ferry takes an hour and a half and can be very busy as there are no public ferries during weekdays.

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