Top 5 Tips for Visiting Florence

Aleta Fimbres 06/11/2013

Here is some of the most useful advice you will find when visiting Florence, the following tips will help you get the most out of your trip to this fantastic city. These tips are a mix of everything, they are not the five most important things about Florence, but they are the 5 things that every tourist needs to know before they visit.

1) Get a Firenze Card

Florence now has a city card, similar to those used in most major cities. The card can be used in many of the largest museums, to get free rides on local, it even lets you jump the queues at a lot of the major attractions. The card is valid for 72 hours and costs just 50 Euros. That price is fantastic when you consider that it gives you access to all the big museums. If you visited every museum on the list you would end up paying a total of 42.50 Euros. If you use the card wisely you will get more than enough value for the price you pay.

2) Walk, do not take the bus

This city is smaller than most people expect. Most of the visitors are used to visiting large Italian cities such as Rome, these people believe that the only way around the city is to use public transport. You can take the train straight into the city and then it only takes 10 minutes to walk to many of the attractions. If you walk around the city you will see much more of the city and be able to take in more than if you stayed on the bus.

3) Eat Gelato!

You don’t need to much persuasion to do this! You need to walk around for only a few minutes and you will see an ice cream parlour, go in straight away! Gelato is one of the highlights of a lot of people when they visit Italy. Forget your diet and enjoy every flavour that is on offer.

4) Choose a hotel in a good location

You should find a hotel in a good location when you are looking at hotels in Florence. As you will find in most major cities there are usually clusters of hotels in busy areas, whilst these are convenient when you explore you can sometimes find these places very noisy. Florence is absolutely tiny so do not fuss too much about staying in the busy areas, look for the more relaxed places. Regardless of where you choose to stay, you are usually only a thirty minute walk from the historic center.

5) Do not drive into this city 

You now need permission to enter a lot of the areas of Florence, this is very strictly enforced. If you do choose to drive then make sure you let the hotel know your license plate number. If your plate is not registered before you enter the restricted areas, a camera will take a picture of your license plate and you will be issued with a ticket. If you must bring your car, then just park in a public garage and walk to your hotel – this is only good if you like to pack light, but it will be a great introduction to the city.

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