The Brody Bunch

Aleta Fimbres 14/07/2013

Brody House Budapest

Brody House’s Complete and Comfortable Creatives’ Commons…

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When one enters the Brody House for the first time, it becomes obvious that there are layers to the place. Down one hallway is a sitting area, complete with a small bar. In the foyer and the space one enters to the left, walls and tables are covered with creative and scholarly works. There are announcements for parties, receptions and hosted speakers.

To call the Brody House a creative space is a gross oversimplification. The house itself was once home to prime ministers, then a doctor, and now to a club, hotel and studios serving intelligentsia spanning the creative milieu. It boasts accommodations tailored to the needs of intellectual and creative visitors and their adherents, offering both the highest levels of concierge service and social connection for their guests.

Musicians, composers, photographers, painters, authors, scholars, wine tastings, debate dinners, and intimate concerts all have a place here and play a role in the shaping of a new take on intellectualism. It does not stand alone, but rather within a collaborative network of kindred spaces in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and (when requested) Stockholm and New York. The Brody House is a doorway as much as it is a house, and refuge to the higher mind and creative spirit.

Brody House, VIII. Budapest, Bródy Sándor utca 10, Tel: (+36 70) 931 1402,

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