Tastes of Vietnam

Aleta Fimbres 26/03/2009

Vietnamese hawkerFoodies who’d love to experience a countrythrough its culinary heritage will be delighted to hear that Exotissimo Travel has designed a tour through Vietnam that offers cooking courses, culinary excursions, sightseeing opportunities and deluxe accommodation.

For 12 days you’ll explore Vietnam’s coastline cuisine from south to north, savourtrendy fusion feasts and delicious street food.

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Learn to cook in specially-led classes, harvest vegetables alongside local farmers, dine in romantic colonial properties and discover indigenous snacks at the floating markets of the Mekong!

And that’s not all, you’ll also get the opportunity to rub shoulders with a famous food connoisseur and sample royal Hue cuisine it’s an epicurean journey of epic proportions!

For details, visit www.luxurytravel.exotissimo.com

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