Pulau Tioman Island

Aleta Fimbres 09/01/2009

Located on the eastern side of peninsular Malaysia, Pulau Tioman Island is one of the best little islands in the world.

Pulau Tioman IslandNature lovers recognise it as a jewel of the sea. Regularly finding a ranking amongst the ten most beautiful islands in the world, Palau Tioman has quite excellent features that are sure to mesmerise you. There is a very nice myth about how this pardise came into being too…

It is claimed to be a transformed dragon princess who discontinued her journey to her Singaporean lover because of the mesmerising nature of this region and took the form of an island.

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Whatever may be the story, the fact never changes – its really a place that competes with the best of destinations in the world. Everything is beautiful here.

Well known as a place for underwater adventure, snorkelling and windsurfing, the beautiful beaches and bountiful marine life make it a perfect place for scuba diving.

Lush green landscapes and majestic Cascading waterfalls add further to the charm of this largest island in Malaysia. And one more aspect that contributes heavily in getting it recognised as one of the most beautiful islands is the excellent accommodation facilities.

Magnificent beach resorts and hotels equipped with excellent amenities offer a fascinating opportunity to spend more and more time here. Most of the resorts and hotels are waterfront accommodation that attracts even more attention from the visitors.

Pay Beach Resort, Salang Beach Resort, Sun Beach Resort and several others are the part of excellent Pulau Tioman hotels. See you there this holiday season!

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