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5 Things To Do At Machu Picchu

Aleta Fimbres 14/06/2016

Machu Picchu is perhaps the pinnacle of South America Travel and rightly so, it is one of the many wonders of the modern world and is a sight that should not be missed. Taking one of the many Machu Picchu Tours is something that I can highly recommend and here is a snapshot of just a few of the things that you can experience. Inti Watana This is a ritual stone of Machu Picchu that… 5 Things To Do At Machu Picchu

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Hong Kong 101

Aleta Fimbres 04/03/2016

This is a city I have visited often and never seem to get tired of visiting. Every time I venture here I always discover new places to explore. If you are going to be spending a few days in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, the biggest struggle you will have is trying to fit everything in. The city is incredibly easy to navigate, very safe, (one of the lowest homicide rates in the world)… Hong Kong 101

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Board a Super Jet and Celebrate the New Year Twice in Two Different Time Zones

Aleta Fimbres 26/01/2016

New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting and fun times of the entire year – why wouldn’t you want to celebrate more than once? If you want to ring in the New Year again and again there are a number of locations around the world you can experience New Year’s Eve – two times! Regardless of where your starting destination may be, you will find an equally fun destination in another time zone… Board a Super Jet and Celebrate the New Year Twice in Two Different Time Zones

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Discovering Doha

Aleta Fimbres 13/11/2015

Doha is the capital city of Qatar and is a modern city that is a must-visit, in all aspects. The appeal of this marvellous city is due to the fact that it is a cultural and tourist friendly city which should be on the list of any experienced traveller.  Getting there Doha is accessible from many locations, but has particularly good flight connections due to the number of Middle Eastern airlines such as Oman Air… Discovering Doha

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What to do in Paris

Aleta Fimbres 02/09/2015

Are you heading to Paris for your next holiday? If the answer is yes then you have come to the right place to find out about the things you should be doing whilst there and you have also chosen the perfect location to visit. Read on to find out more about some things you should be doing on your next holiday in Paris.   Accommodation Paris has a really high standard of places to stay… What to do in Paris

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Who wants to win a free safari holiday?

Aleta Fimbres 25/08/2015

Have you been on an African Safari? Have you got some fantastic pictures that will inspire others to visit? If the answer to the last two questions is yes, then you need to seriously start thinking about submitting your photos in an awesome competition like the Africa Points’ #incredibleAfrica15 photo competition. This is your big chance to put your most memorable photos from the safari out there in to the public eye, wow people with… Who wants to win a free safari holiday?

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Top Ten Summer Reads

Aleta Fimbres 14/08/2015

So many books, yet just a couple of weeks to read them all during your summer holidays! We have brought to you some long awaited new releases of summer books and also some of the classic travel literature that will keep you entertained while you are relaxing on your sun lounger at the side of the pool, at the park, on the beach, in the plane, or anywhere else. These novels will take you to… Top Ten Summer Reads

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5 tips on what to do with your travel photos

Aleta Fimbres 15/06/2015

Taking photos while on vacation is a great way to remember those memorable moments. After travels, most people end up finding themselves with a stack of photos that they don’t know what to do with. Traveling to new places is fun and one should keep the photos safely to be able to revisit those special times they were away from home, and you might even have some worth entering into a travel photo competition. Travel… 5 tips on what to do with your travel photos

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Why you should visit Devon and Cornwall

Aleta Fimbres 03/06/2015

If funky festivals, quirky culture and off-the-beaten track culture appeal to you for your next trip overseas, then the guys at have the perfect suggestion for you – Devon and Cornwall. Both Devon and Cornwall are growing as tourist hotspots and it’s easy to see why. They are both really family friendly, then offer something for everyone, and they’re half the price of London, the main destination when people visit the UK. So if you’re looking to… Why you should visit Devon and Cornwall

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Great Wildebeest Migration

Aleta Fimbres 01/06/2015

If you have ever watched a documentary or footage of the Great Wildebeest migration on Youtube you will have an idea of what an amazing spectacle it is, seeing it up close in the wild multiplies the awe factor by 100, it’s difficult to describe in words.   I set off for east Africa to watch this very spectacle after arranging a 10-day all-inclusive Migration safari through the African Safari Home Company. They essentially requested… Great Wildebeest Migration

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