Newcastle area guides: the Diamond Strip

Aleta Fimbres 23/03/2014

It’s no secret that Newcastle is an amazing place for a night out, and there’s plenty to suit all tastes – including the sophisticated crowd. If you’re looking to add a soupcon of glamour to your next evening painting the town red, then the Diamond Strip is just the place for you.

What’s the Diamond Strip?

The Diamond Strip is the nickname for the street that runs along Central Station – Collingwood Street. It’s here that you’ll find some of the city’s most glamorous bars and clubs, hence the name Diamond Strip.

We’ll go into more detail about individual venues in a moment; first, let’s talk some more about the Strip itself. Given the fact it’s home to a collection of chic bars, it’s no surprise that this area attracts quite a young and trendy crowd.

Since these bars have a reputation for being quite high-end and the Strip itself carries a certain status, prices here tend to be a little higher than you’d generally find in the rest of Newcastle. So, as well as making sure you’re up for a more expensive night out, you can pretty much guarantee that your fellow revellers will be among the wealthier set. Along with these higher prices, though, you can also expect a swisher drinks selection than your average watering hole might offer – perfect for cocktail lovers.

Something to bear in mind when you’re getting ready for your big evening is that it’s not uncommon for the bars listed below to have queues to get into – especially at the weekends. Take a coat just in case you have to stand in the cold for a few minutes!

Where to go

Before we move on to the bars themselves, it’s worth pointing out that any big night out can be made better by not having to make a long trip home. Of course, if you’re visiting the city from further afield then chances are you’ll have a hotel booked anyway. If not, you might want to book a hotel in Jesmond, Newcastle – this area has lots of great accommodation and is just steps from the bustling city centre.

Now, on to the venues themselves.

40 Collingwood Street

Housed in an amazingly converted bank, Revolution is one of the hottest spots on the Diamond Strip. The marble pillars and classic wood features fit perfectly with the all the glitz and glamour associated with this part of town, making this the ideal place to get your evening started.

The dress code is smart-casual, and it’s worth remembering that neither sportswear and workwear are allowed – so check what you’re wearing before heading out! The music varies depending on what day of the week you come, but weekends generally play eclectic mix of house, commercial dance, R&B and chart hits, while during the week you’re more likely to hear R&B, soul, jazz and funk.

House of Smith
26 Collingwood Street

Resembling a ballroom, House of Smith is a pretty unusual bar. Coming here is like being invited to a private party in a very lavish  setting – think luxury table service, incredible cocktails and a dose of 50s glamour.

The parties here have a serious amount of celebrity style, with A-listers having come here for everything from birthdays to album launch parties.

Madame Koo
36 Collingwood Street

Madame Koo is a venue that has a lot to offer clubbers. What’s different about this club is that it proudly attests to having zero snobbery when it comes to music, claiming to play what people enjoy – guilty pleasures included.

That’s not to say there’s no variety, though. For instance, on Saturdays you’ll hear a mix of floorfillers and chart toppers designed to get everyone moving. On Tuesdays, meanwhile, is Waikiki – Madame Koo’s beach-inspired club night that claims to take its lead from Thailand’s Full Moon Parties, as well as the music culture of Ibiza, party spirit of Cancun and clubbing culture of Beverly Hills.


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