Let’s talk about travel insurance

Aleta Fimbres 26/07/2014

Are you going on holiday this summer? Chances are that you will be jetting off somewhere sunny somewhere between now and the end of August. You may be going on a business trip. Perhaps you’re going to watch your favourite football team play foreign opposition. Wherever you’re heading off to this summer, I imagine that you’ve already booked your villa or hotel. You’ve most likely sorted out your flight and checked out things to do and see in the local area. If you’re a young reveller, you’ll already know the best bars and clubs where you can really let your hair down. You have almost certainly also been presented with the slightly more mundane option of taking out travel insurance. Like most types of insurance, this is one of those things that many people choose to ignore when planning a trip abroad. They don’t want to pay extra money towards an already expensive holiday on the very slight chance that a mishap may take place. The truth is however that mishaps and misadventures do happen and sadly all too regularly. You may have a few too many Sangrias in the Spanish sun and suffer a drunken injury. You might leave your wallet on the train. Without travel insurance, you’ll have to pay a highly expensive hospital bill, perhaps even out of your price range and will be left shaking your head and saying to yourself “why on earth did I not take out that travel insurance?” While nine times out of ten your holiday will go entirely smoothly and you’ll probably think “well taking out that travel insurance was a waste” it’s never a bad idea to protect yourself against the slim chance of something happening. That way, should something untoward ever occur, there is at least the small crumb of comfort that your wallet is not going to take a hammering. There are times in life that you have to do things that no one really wants to do, but will prevent greater hardship further along the line. You pay to have a small chip in your car windscreen repaired, problem solved. You don’t, it becomes an almighty crack and is a lot more expensive and time consuming. The small cost of taking out travel insurance is well worth having the comfort of knowing you’re not going to be faced with all sorts of kerfuffle should an unfortunate event happen.

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