Le Reservoir club – restaurant in Paris

Aleta Fimbres 17/04/2012

Le Reservoir Club Paris

This essential stop in the Parisian nightlife scene produces some amazing artistry in a unique venue, walking in you know it is something very spectacular.

A den of the baroque, kept running under the direction of Mary de Vivo, a true artist, impresario and well-known discoverer of talent.

Aside from the talent on the floor, Le Reservoir has access to other talents in the kitchen as well, where the boss John Philippe Dubourg, in the tradition of Trama, Guérard and Daguin, runs a very resourceful kitchen.

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On the night my girl and I stopped by, we were just in the mood for a little bite, a respite during our romantic weekend in Paris, and ended up staying all night. It could be simply that we were famished, but I suspect it was pure hedonism and the food the ultimate seductress.

We started our meal with something light; la tortilla de thon rouge aux herbes (a burrito of red tuna on greens), then moved onto the pavé de canard à la plancha (who would think duck so seductive?) served with grapes and walnuts, le foie gras mi-cuit à la vanille et tartines d’épices à la banane (with hints of vanilla, spice and banana).

The risotto crémeux aux morilles, very savoury, and while filling, left us craving for more, for something more carnal, meatier, so we ordered the filet de boeuf Rossini. Once our lust for succulent flesh was sated, it was on to the dessert, la tarte Tatin, served on a foundation of sensuous chocolate. The food, decor and entertainment attracts a young yet relaxed clientele, and the menu is a la carte, priced between 24 and 56 Euros.

– Le Reservoir club – restaurant 16, rue de La Forge Royale – 75011 Paris – Tel : 01 43 56 39 60, Fax: 01 43 56 31 73, www.reservoirclub.com

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