Kos by Day, by Night

Aleta Fimbres 28/11/2009

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The first settlement on the windy coasts of Costa Brava in Lloret del Mar was made by Greek colonists in the 4th century before Christ. Archeological excavations in the 60s brought to light layers of urban structures along its winding, California-type beaches…

This coast stretches down from beautiful French Provence and smells of Mediterranean herbs, creating an atmosphere that has inspired such figures as Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Antonio Gaudi, the Gipsy Kings and Luis Bunuel, over the course of this century.

The best place for savoring the majesty that is Costa Brava is Lorett del Mar, the epicenter of the region’s nightlife and natural beauty. The place is built for action: along with offering some of the most breathtaking vistas in Europe, there are classy hotels, game rooms, discothèques, music bars, cocktail bars, cafes, and restaurants. The music ranges from traditional Spanish, to Deep House.

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The main drag is the famous Chanell, which leads a winding path from the hills to the coast. There you can find commerce centres, supermarkets, discotheques, and a game park. During the day the options are many. You can stretch out on the beach and listen to the waves lap up gently against the shore, or check out pool-based aerobic exercise classes or hit the beach gym.

Then the sun goes down. Start out with some drinks at an outdoor bar and delicious tapas. When the clubs start pumping, one can follow their favorite groove and hit the clubs.

The first disco was founded in the seventies. Since then, larger, more modern clubs have opened, such as the Collossos disco, which boasts a vast and open space, three bars, great lasers and lightshow, local and some of our Czech DJs. Some of the best European talent spins there including Fidel, Marusha, and Dave Pegg.

If, in the event you get the itch for the bright lights, Barcelona is a short trip away. This city is the cosmopolitan capital or Catalonia that boasts one of the wildest architectural planning in Europe. You can re-read your Hemingway and sip your drink under the Spanish sun at Papa’s cafe, which celebrates the writer’s love affair with the city. Our Costa Brava trip will be a great way to get away from the inland blues and party with friends in a lovely, romantic seaside paradise.

Kos nightlfie


Kos is well known for its nightlife. During the summer, in the summer it is one of the most popular destinations for revelers. The main reason for that is the sheer variety of nightlife it offers.

From the well known Bar street near the harbour to the nightclubs, restaurants, taverns and cabarets, there are lots of places to meet new people. The Bar street was formed during the early 80’s when love and drink were the only attractions offered by the famous local promoters Greek Kamaki Boys. The traditional shops gradually gave way to bars and entertainment. Italian style buildings from the 1930s now house over 15 bars with a variety of music, from ambient to rock. Waiters stand ready with exotic cocktails and assorted deejays are ready to keep the party moving every night until morning.

The classic hangouts in Bar Street include Cactus Saloon, where the Doors used to hang out in the late 60s with its magnificent view of the harbour and the Castle at night. Little Bar Street is a relatively new area of bars that was created mostly because it was the only passage to the two biggest summer clubs on the island.

Nice music, science fiction cocktails, and people dancing in the middle of the street make this a fun part of town. Those are two alternatives for nightlife in Kos.

Directly on the beach an old windmill was transformed in one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Here Greek, international, and ethnic music can be found.

The Bluebird, also on the beach, is situated on the opposite end of Kos, in Psalidi area, with a gorgeous view of the Turkish coast and during the night a magnificent laser show from Alikarnass Club can be seen in the starry night. Both bars are opened from noontime, so one can combine swimming with a cold drink or frappichino.

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