How to find the best seafood and fish in Malta

Aleta Fimbres 04/12/2014

Having the benefit of being a small island, surrounded by deep blue fertile waters, the island of Malta is one of the best places to feast on fish and seafood in the Mediterranean.  The fact that the Maltese also enjoy an unrivalled 300 plus days of sunshine a year means that your side orders will also be the freshest and tastiest, as nothing ripens crops better than the Mediterranean sun, fact!  With that in mind here is a quick guide on what to look for when you’re on this charming little island.



Marsaxlokk  (pronounced Marsashlock)

When the Maltese want to eat fresh fish, they head down to the tiny and picturesque fishing village of Marsaxlokk, graced with an abundance of floating multi colored boats some of which are still crafted to an old Phoenician tradition. The Marsaxlokk Sunday fish market is a very popular attraction with tourists and locals alike and if you’re feeling a bit adventurous with cooking some fish you haven’t come across before, the friendly hawkers here will be more than happy to suggest a few recipes.  Make sure you do get there as early as you can as the freshest produce goes away fast.  If on the other hand you just want to be served whilst enjoying the idyllic views of the bay, the restaurants on the strip all serve the catch of the day.

Although the Marsaxlokk Sunday market was originally a fish market, it has now grown to include other local produce such as honey, fruit jams, wine as well as vegetables, souvenirs, clothes and other trinkets, all cheaper than in any other shop on the island.


Da Rosi

For a no frills restaurant with a homely atmosphere and fish cooked to the old-age traditions of the Maltese this hideaway in the north of the island is a sure thing.  Make sure you try the traditional fish soup for a starter.



An authority when it comes to seafood, the Barracuda restaurant, right in the heart of St. Julian’s bay has been serving the freshest Mediterranean Sea goods for over 25 years in a really nice atmosphere and great service, enough said.


Caviar and Bull

An upmarket option and a latest addition to the Corinthia Hotel’s selection of delectable restaurants the cuisine here is focused on the modern and chic as the name implies.  The dishes served are all originally created by some of the most experienced chefs the island has to offer, so if you’re up for a twist on some mini prawns or oysters paired with an explosive molecular cocktail make sure you check this one out.



Although not a fish restaurant per se’, ’Wigi’s has in recent years garnered a reputation for sourcing some of the best local fresh fish and preparing it to a very high standard.  With a few twists on some traditional recipes such as the infamous squid ink tagliatelle, this cozy eatery in Balluta Bay will not disappoint. 


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