Honeymoon vacations in Australia

Aleta Fimbres 09/02/2009

A honeymoon in Australia is about more than just the pleasure of being down under…

Australia is virtually a paradise on earth. Many of the people hail the continent as the capital for romance. Be they exotic beaches, fascinating wild life, rich culture, you will find all of them in Australia. You get every cent of your dollar’s worth as you vibe with the most incredible, knowledgeable and loving people, fine destinations and a culture which speaks of a gentle mix of the modern and the classic.

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Home to the most incredible and lipsmacking wines, the Sydney Bridge, and the kangaroos, Australia is the place to be when you are thinking about honeymoon packages. The Great Barrier Reef, another landmark of Australia, is a picture perfect place to be which no well meaning traveler could miss out on.

The five star hotels and restaurants across Australia maintain the highest standards of customer service and quality. So you can rest assured be treated like royalty during your stay. Most five star resorts and hotels in Australia are regularly quality assured to maintain the very highest standards. People also take time out to indulge in golf as the continent has the best golf resorts in the world. The spas and health clubs are an added luxury to you and your newly betrothed as a part of most Australia honeymoon packages.

Did you know that Sydney Harbour Bridge needs to be continually repainted just to retain its natural glamour? Yes, it does. The area to be painted is equaled to the surface area of 60 sports fields.

And just how big Sydney is? It is 1,580 square kilometres wide – the same as London and more than twice as big as New York, which is 780 square kilometres or Singapore at 619 square kilometres. Amsterdam measures at 167 square kilometres, while Paris is a mere 105 square kilometres in size. The development of Sydney causes a huge influx of travelers to many of its attractions. One example is the Sydney Opera House which is said to be traveled by approximately 4.5 million people each year.

This is incredibly twice the number of yearly visitors to North America’s White House and about a quarter of Australia’s total population. Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building on George Street is actually considered a shopper’s dream, featuring over 180 stores, countless cafes, and amazing food halls. The SQV building is completely renovated and rated the country’s favorite place.

Photo by Lee Yick Kwang.

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