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Aleta Fimbres 07/11/2013

Ready to spread your wings and see the world? There are so many amazing things you can do and so many exotic cultures just waiting to be experienced firsthand! The good news is that traveling abroad doesn’t have to cost as much as you fear, not if you’re smart about things like accommodation. Here are a few budget-friendly hotels from around the globe.

New York – Hotel 309

Dropped right in the heart of the Big Apple, Hotel 309 offers on-the-ground access to all the shops, restaurants, cafes, theaters and museums you could ever desire. All you have to do is open the front door to get a full blast of the sounds and smells of the city. The subway is also right across the street if you’d prefer to take your adventures beyond the neighborhood!

India – Goa Dalmia Resorts

If you have a few extra rupees in your pocket, Goa Dalmia Resorts are a great way to experience a little luxury while you’re traveling through India. They won’t break the bank, but with amazing views of the sea and spotless customer service on a 24/7 schedule, it’s worth the price to enjoy amazing days and nights in one of the busiest corners of the world.

Amsterdam – MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Offering a variety of rooms to suit every budget, Meininger has everything from 7-bed dorms to private suites. It attracts a younger crowd, a hostel crowd, and that energy and diversity makes it a lively source of fun from dawn until dusk. If you’re looking for a great place to party in Amsterdam, here’s the hotel for you!

Spain – Madrid: Axor Barajas Hotel

When it comes to the Axor Barajas Hotel, comfort is the name of the game in this Madrid Hotel. They offer hot showers, fluffy pillows and all your favorite modern conveniences like wi-fi connectivity. They also have bars and gaming rooms if you feel like getting up to a little trouble before hitting the big city. Don’t worry, though, because the real temptation will come from outside, where everything from restaurants to exhibition centers are within easy walking distance!

China– Beijing Templeside Deluxe Hutong House

Run by a local family, the Hutong House is a chance to experience authentic Chinese culture, the kind you simply can’t expect from a big-name chain. Handmade paintings decorate the walls; butterflies flutter freely the gardens; mouthwatering smells drift the kitchen at all hours of the day. The owners even offer free dumpling shows and other cultural events every Monday!

Edinburgh – Ritz Hotel Edinburgh

Another family-owned business, the Ritz Hotel in Edinburg combines old-school charm with new-world convenience. The building, for example, was originally built as a townhouse in the 1860s, but beneath colonial walls are high-pressure showers and flat screen TVs. If you’re looking for a taste of old Scotland without any of the hindrances of the past, try the Ritz on for size.

Thailand – Bangkok: The Fifth Residence

Bright, modern and meticulously clean, the Fifth Residence will allow you to wash off the dust of the streets of Bangkok and recharge your batteries for the adventures still ahead. Best of all? The Fifth Residence is widely regarded as one of most affordable hotels in Bangkok, so you’ll get premium service for a ridiculously small amount of baht.

Australia – Sydney Chablis Lodge

With so many attractions nearby, including the Botanic Gardens, the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it’s a good thing that this hotel prides itself on low prices. You’ll need all that money to go exploring! Stop worrying about your budget and start thinking about fun when you stay at the Sydney Chablis Lodge.

These are only a few accommodation options for the international traveller. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to see the world! Look for high-quality but low-priced hotels and save your money for the things that matter.


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