Exploring Dubai

Aleta Fimbres 19/08/2016


Dubai is a very different and special place in the Middle East that I enjoy going back to when I get the chance and there are just so many reasons for this. I absolutely love to spend time seeing the Dubai attractions and it is almost like being in something of a dreamland in the middle of a desert with amazing hotels, shopping and a great nightlife. There is just so much to this great city that I think everyone should explore, so here is my guide to possibly one of the most unique places that you can visit.

How to get there

I find the location of Dubai to be very convenient, especially because it is so close to Europe, Asia and Africa. The are is also very accessible with a number of airlines that call the Middle East their home and these are very frequently flying to the area, so it is overall a very simple place to reach.

Luxury shopping

Dubai knows nothing but luxury and shopping is merely an extension of this with some very exclusive boutiques and shopping malls in the entire world. Picture brands like Versace, Gucci and Dior, and these are all always within a stone’s throw away. I always loved the fact that the shopping malls here are very interesting and are unlike any other shopping malls in the world. These are literally feats of engineering and architecture and it certainly adds to the shopping experience.

The sights

There are also a lot of other things to do other than shopping, such as:

  • The Dubai Fountain – Think of the best fountain you know and then times it by ten and then you have the Dubai Fountain. This huge and stunning fountain is situated at the base of the Burj Khalifa and is actually the largest choreographed fountain system in the entire world. The sheer sight of literally thousands of litres of what being shot 150 metres into the air is just something you will never forget.  
  • The Burj Khalifa – This monolithic building stands as the tallest building in the world at over 800 metres high. This is a wonder of the advancement of modern architecture and many consider it as a piece of art. The building is home to the highest restaurant in the world, the best observation deck you will ever see, hundreds of residences and even the Armani Hotel.
  • The Burj Al Arab – This is another building that stands proud in the skyline of Dubai and is world renowned for its stunning design, with its elegant sails and its own island to top it off. The building itself is a hotel and perhaps the most luxurious one in the entire world, with the craziest rooms you could imagine and even a helipad on top if you want to make a grand entrance.

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