Explore Old Delhi in Style!

Aleta Fimbres 29/11/2014

You might have been to Delhi a number of times but if you have not managed to understand the Old Delhi part yet, then you have undoubtedly missed out an incredible experience. This place still has the surviving glory of the times, when it was the headquarters of the Mughal Empire. What one needs to do is simply get lost in this maze of this old part of the city.


Word of advice for the first time visitors: It might not be a cakewalk to get through the puzzling, busy, frantic streets but you have let the old city seep in to you and you will find yourself visiting it again. Start your day by stopping at Pranthe Wali Gali. There is no way you cannot love the tasty, crunchy, surprising morsel of every bite you take. Checking it off the list, march towards the Jama Masjid. Built with red sandstone, this mosque was rightfully carved out of a dream of Shah Jahan. From a corner of the courtyard simply, observe the city gliding towards an eventful afternoon.


Your next point of interest should be Digambar Jain Lal Mandir. Standing across the Red Fort, this temple was actually established in 1656 and went through changes over the time. The rising red shikaras of the temple makes for beautiful sight against the blue sky.


The next stop in Old Delhi will obviously be, the majestic Red Fort. A clear, splendid example of Mughal Architecture, this fort presents you the detailed painted canvas of that era. It will definitely take few hours off your planned itinerary but it will be surely fruitful. One has got to wander aimlessly around Chandni Chowk, visit Ram Leela ground during the festival of Dussehra, eat whatever catches your fancy, bargain at the stocked overflowing shops to understand Old Delhi better. Check out the Sadar Bazar for the jewellery, or the shops at Chadni Chowk for clothes, electronics and what not. When dinner time comes, you may want to check out Karim’s and get if it’s worth the hype. Sit there and enjoy your meal while mentally compiling your views of Old Delhi and reading it out to a friend.


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