Everything You Need To Start A Travel Blog

Aleta Fimbres 15/08/2016


I am often asked about how to start a travel blog in the best way possible, but to be honest there is no definitive step-by-step guide about what is absolutely right and what is wrong. I find that many successful bloggers came into travel blogging in very different ways. Instead of telling you each and every step for starting a blog, I will focus on some of the things that you will actually need to have a good one. So read on to find out more.

A little bit of time each week

For those that already know how to start a travel blog, most will tell you that you need time and this is the truth. No good blog can run without a bit of consistency and time every week. I find that most people that blog, just don’t do it enough to keep people interested and their blogs lack success. If you want to be serious or not serious about your blog at all, you need at the minimum a little bit of time to make it work.


WordPress to me is the ideal blogging platform, not only is it easy to use and one of the most widely used platforms used for blogging today. There are also a huge number of plugins (many of which are free) to make your everyday tasks much easier.

A name that will stick

I am always of the belief that even if you don’t intend for your blog to grow, you should at least give it the chance to do so. This all starts with the name of course and you need a name that can adapt to broader horizons. Of course the way you travel may change over time and you starting out as a budget backpacker and running a site called “Budget Backpacker” or something to that effect will limit your opportunities in the future. You could never expect to promote hotels with a name like this, your name should be able to grow with you.

A domain name and a proper website

This is something that I can’t stress enough, because I know many people that simply have a basic “Backpacker.WordPress.com” website and this is fine in the beginning, but what about when you are looking to establish a brand for yourself. Having your own website and domain name gives you the freedom to customise everything you want as well as building an actual brand for yourself.


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