Driving Safely in the UAE

Aleta Fimbres 27/09/2014

While only 13% of deaths in the UAE are accounted by injuries, 62% of the fatalities in the country are owned to road traffic accidents. While the local drivers may be used to the driving conditions here, as a visitor that is renting a car, extra care is recommended. It is important for visitors to familiarize themselves with local laws and driving environments. For instance, the drifting sands make visibility difficult and the road more slippery. Other things to consider include the car flashing etiquette in the UAE. Here, flashing a car is a request to move aside so that the other car can pass. Remember that UAE has a left hand drive and every overtaking should happen from the left. It is important to maintain a 2 second gap between cars and finally, carry the international driver’s license on oneself at all times.

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