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Aleta Fimbres 15/07/2009

Pre-Flight travel drinksNew Pre-Flight Travel Drinks Help Combat the Rigors of Air Travel Safely & Naturally

Millions of air travelers are faced with three setbacks when flying to their destinations: anxiety, stressed immune system and jet lag.

This triple whammy can turn a vacation or business trip into a dreaded spiral of worry and exhaustion that can expose travelers to germs, stress and overall fatigue right at a time when they want to feel their best. But there’s hope for harried travelers.

New Pre-Flight travel drinks were developed as a natural alternative to over-the-counter and synthetic medications.

Designed to help travelers boost their immunity, reduce stress and battle symptoms of jet lag. An easy-to-take 4 oz. fruit-flavored travel drink, Pre-Flight offers three individual formulas that provide powerful calming, antioxidant and energy boosting ingredients…

“Travelers must take precautions. They’re under a lot of stress and heavily exposed to germs,” says Dominick Lucido, developer of Pre-Flight travel drinks.

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“That’s a dangerous combination. The stress of traveling depletes nutrients that are essential to the immune system. This kind of exposure to crowds both on the ground and within the flight cabin must be addressed to ensure optimal health.

Believe me, as an athlete and a professional, I’ve spent years flying all over the globe, so I made it my mission to search for a solution to combat the rigors of air travel, safely and naturally.”

As a result of partnering with a large vitamin manufacturer, Lucido developed Pre-Flight, a natural, hypoallergenic, nutritional travel drink. Pre-Flight’s three formulations: “Calm,” “Antioxidant” and “Jet Lag” can be taken in conjunction or taken separately as needed to help reduce stress, boost immunity and minimize jet lag.

“Calm” is Pre-Flight’s first line of defense and utilizes the holistic properties of chamomile and passion flower to deliver calming effects that can offset the physical and emotional stress many air travelers experience.

Pre-Flight’s “Antioxidant” formula is fortified with vitamins such as A, C and E as well as essential minerals that help fight free radicals and optimize the body’s immune system to establish the strongest possible defense against germs.

And, Pre-Flight’s “Jet Lag” drink is enhanced with powerful ‘fog-lifting’ nutrients and important botanical extracts to help air travelers arrive at their destination in peak mental and physical condition.

Each Pre-Flight travel drink delivers a specific benefit and comes in a convenient 4 oz. single-serve bottle that can be consumed before boarding or upon landing. Pre-Flight travel drinks can be purchased online and will be available soon at airport kiosks and through major retail chains.

For further information and to order Pre-Flight travel drinks, visit: www.TakePreFlight.com

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