Discovering Doha

Aleta Fimbres 13/11/2015

Doha is the capital city of Qatar and is a modern city that is a must-visit, in all aspects. The appeal of this marvellous city is due to the fact that it is a cultural and tourist friendly city which should be on the list of any experienced traveller. 

Getting there

Doha is accessible from many locations, but has particularly good flight connections due to the number of Middle Eastern airlines such as Oman Air which fly there and also because the flagship carrier, Qatar Airways, also flies to many major cities throughout the world such as London and Melbourne. With such close proximity to Europe, there is no reason not to visit Doha. 


Doha is burgeoning with museums and many of them provide rich cultural offerings that really bring Doha’s status as an international and cultural city to life. Some great museums to visit in Doha are:

     Museum of Islamic Art– This is a world class collection of Islamic art originating 1400 years ago  from three different continents. It is located on the Corniche (waterfront promenade) and was designed by I. M. Pei, the architect responsible for one of the most famous and distinctive art museums in the world, known as the Louvre. The Museum of Islamic Art is equally impressive and is designed in its own style that has been heavily influenced by traditional Islamic architecture.

     Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art – This large museum was actually a former school building and houses a collection of about 6,000 modern Arab artworks. The museum is a dedication to the progressive Arab culture that aims to look at the modern artistic culture of Arab states and to foster the talent there. 


One of the most interesting things about the shopping culture of Doha is that there is a unique option of traditional as well as modern shopping. Wandering alongside the narrow alleys of the Gold Souq and Souk Waqif is one of the greatest ways to experience the traditions of the city. These places offer rich coloured textiles, jewellery and even spices. 

Doha also has a number of air conditioned shopping malls selling modern goods and similar to many Gulf States, you can avail luxury goods from the likes of Versace, Cartier and many others.



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