Discover the Australian Outback in Bamurru

Aleta Fimbres 23/08/2012


You wake in the morning to the chorus of thousands of magpie geese, the raucous cry of blue-winged kookaburra and the splashing of water buffalo in the floodplains just a few metres from your suite.

On the Mary River delta in the top end of Australia’s Northern Territory, Bamurru is an amazing wilderness experience. Part of the 300-square-kilometre Swim Creek Station, it has just nine suites, each of which is built on a raised timber platform to minimise its impact on the land.

The extraordinary ecosystem of this coastal floodplain, which includes paperbark swamps, river mangroves, vast reed beds, coastal beaches and savannah bush, is home to remarkably diverse wildlife.

You will see wallabies, dingoes, crocodiles, buffalo and wild pigs, along with fantastic bird life – 236 different species have been counted – and one of the largest crocodile populations in Australia. Inspired by the luxury safari camps in Africa, where its owner, Charles Carlow, began his career, Bamurru owes its “Australian bush chic” style to a mix of screened windows and corrugated iron, polished wood floors and earth-toned fabrics.

Most of the food is sourced locally – and the cooking is both creative and delicious. Highlights include kangaroo carpaccio seared with black pepper, and stir-fried emu with ginger.

Everything, including the air-conditioning, is solar-powered. But there are no televisions, telephones or CD players. In the evenings, Bamurru’s soundtrack is the stillness of the wild; during the day you will be getting out into that wilderness with the camp’s guides. Game drives here are by airboat or on horseback and there’s great fishing, too, whether for barramundi in the river or for larger game out on the reef.

BAMURRU PLAINS LODGE, Australia +61-2-9571 6677 (Sydney Office). Doubles from $1,400

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