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Presidential Suite at the Plaza, New York

The Big Apple, or New York City, is home to yellow swerving cabbies, the glitzy high life of sparkling socialites, and the razzle dazzle of haute couture - what better city is there to lavish in the pleasures the green dollar can buy you?

After cruising the fashion vistas of the city, here's how to take a bigger bite in the apple - a night's stay at the Presidential Suite, the Plaza, temporary home to the rich and elite.

This surreal 7,800 square foot roof over your head along New York's Fifth Avenue will have you coughing up a cool $15,000 for one night.

Like all things exorbitant, the accessories that come along with the room will have you so blissfully distracted, you won't even notice those extra zeroes on your bill.

Check out the numbers: one wine cellar, one library, two living rooms, two floors, four balconies, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and bevy of butlers and maids ready to pander to your every whim. Take an extended tour of the city... in a Rolls Royce at your beck and call!

You may not be a president, where such costs are factored into the (ahem) national budget, but the Plaza's Presidential Suite will certainly make you feel like you're on top of the world.

- To find out more, check out www.fairmont.com. The Plaza is located on Fifth Avenue at Central Park South, New York, NY 10019, Phone: (800) 527-4727.

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