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Cheongdam-dong Fashion StreetFrom the runway to the impulse-buy section at the grocery store, people today are always looking for the newest, latest fashions.

I recently just returned from Fashion Week in Korea and found many exciting labels worth looking for on your next trip there. Who cares if you have to go to Korea to find them?

In Korea, especially during the 1990s, studying abroad was an extremely popular fad. The foreign-educated locals of the Cheongdam-dong area in particular returned to Korea as successful young, professionals.

With the knowledge and experiences they gained from living abroad, these residents wanted to bring a taste of culture and the high-end entertainment options they discovered back home with them.

Naturally, new cafes, bars, restaurants, and shops specialising in trendy lifestyles began to show up everywhere, but nowhere like this district. As this area began to become more glamourous and glitzy, it started to catch the attention of Korea's top designers.

Eventually, many of the fashion elite in Korea made the move to Cheongdam-dong. 'Rodeo Drive' (taken from the original in Beverly Hills) is a long street in the Cheongdam/Apgujeong area and is lined with Korean and foreign brand-name stores whose patrons include the upper-crust citizens that reside in and visit Seoul, as well as famous local celebrities.

And hour or two spent on 'Fashion Street' or 'Rodeo Drive' in Cheongdam-dong will make you witness to wealthy trendsters stepping out of their sleek, foreign cars in their designer-clad suits and heels to shop away the afternoon in a ritzy brand-name boutique.

Clothing and accessories in the stores on 'Fashion Street' are incomparable to any other neighbourhood. A simple pair of designer shoes can cost more than an entire outfit in another neighbourhood. So bring lots of plastic, you're gonna need it!

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