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5 tips on what to do with your travel ph...

Taking photos while on vacation is a great way to remember those memorable moments. Afte [ ... ]

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5 Facts About Chinese New Year

Chinese new year is enjoyed by people all over the world every year, everyone loves the  [ ... ]

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How to Have the Perfect St. Ives HolidayHow to Have the Perfect St. Ives Holiday

St. Ives is one of the best destinations for holiday in the UK. There is almost no place [ ... ]

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Off the Beaten Path, AfghanistanOff the Beaten Path, Afghanistan

You want a holiday a bit off of the beaten track. Somalia and its pirates have been ru [ ... ]

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"As a spiritual philosophy, Rastafarianism is linked to societies of runaway slaves, or maroons, and derives from both the African Myal religion and the Revivalist Zion Churches. Like the revival movement, it embraces the four hundred year old doctrine of repatriation.

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