Desolation on the outskirts of Madrid

Aleta Fimbres 12/10/2012

Bustarviejo Spain

The focus of my work has been on the analysis of contemporary Spanish culture and its evolution…

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This evolution spans from the generation who grew up under the dictatorship of Franco to the following generation, which grew up in a new democratic system. Those of us who were born in the late 1970’s in Spain reacted to the present in a revolutionary and uninhibited way, and with no preconceptions. This, in complete contrast to the reality of our father’s and mother’s early lives. I have approached these issues by ¬†photographing members of my family and friends performing in narratives that exist in a double reality.

The picture shown was photographed close to a little town called Bustarviejo, near to the city of Madrid, Spain. The man in the picture is my father and the isolated building is an abandoned disco that was at a time a place for young people to drink and do drugs – a stop along the highway on the way back from their controversial nights in Madrid during the late 1980’s.

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