How to Cut on Expenditure on your Africa Safari Vacation – Africa Travel Budget!

Aleta Fimbres 14/06/2016

Every country has a different safari packages right from the wildlife packages and cultural attractions to the range of a variety of accommodation facilities that supplement any kind of a safari holiday to make it enjoyable by travelers who love to get value for money after having spent a fortune to travel to Africa. Travelers planning a trip to Africa might think of what could be the better ways to make the most out of their safaris, whether it’s the big brand companies, a friend who has ever traveled to Africa or a backpacker style it depends on several factors including easy bookings and information based catalogues that promise to make your safari happy and affordable. Therefore it can be helpful to discuss some of the tips that will help you save money and get the most of your safari. Therefore be prepared in advance take a look at guide books, or make research about destinations to have basics of starting a successful safari before you actually travel.

Have a positive attitude and ready to change in any given situation. Having a positive mindset and attitude is the key to over come the challenges especially on the dusty African roads including extra stopovers, transfers and the wet weather. However adapting to such conditions will require flexibility over a well planned itinerary that adds much enjoyment despite the low interest that you might have towards visiting some areas.

Choose to travel during the low and shoulder seasons of east Africa that usually occurs between March to June and October to November when much of the weather is typically wet with frequent rains. The good with low seasons is that prices of activities and accommodations drop down due to low demand. Travelling during this period can make the cost of safaris cheap and affordable with unique opportunities of sighting newborn animals and migratory birds offering more photographic opportunities due to the green nature of the vegetation. Low season is the best time to book your gorilla safari in Uganda as prices for gorilla permits have been slashed to half the normal price. In low season a permit goes for only $450 from the $600 normal price

Get prepared by researching about your destination of interest. This is often centered around the travel seasons in various parts of Africa particularly East Africa. Most safari goers will choose to travel during the dry seasons regarding it to be the best with plenty of game viewing opportunities. However it does not only stop there off peak seasons offer unique chances of seeing lions grooming their cubs, birds in their plumage breeding and nestling or new born buffalos, antelopes and elephants but that Depends on the kind of wildlife you would like to see. Travelers will need to look at pre travel information including contacts with your travel operator, guide books, catalogues and itineraries which will help you not to forget things and to keep you aware of the situation ahead of your safari.

Embrace doing many activities out of the planned and fixed itinerary. An African safari is a true adventure with a chance to getting in touch with the African wilderness experience, although it may not be guaranteed to encounter all animals as expected some safaris can be physically challenging or tiresome for visitors. This is why you opt to do as many extra activities as you can afford by re reading your fixed itineraries or asking your tour guide about other possible activities beyond staying in hotels and campsites. There you might see landscapes and animals you were not expecting.

Take the right number of people on your safari. Getting a group of people whether friends or family can be a good way to maximize value for money as your travel operator will search for the best deals to keep within your target budget. Travelling with a diverse group of people has never been boring given the fact of sharing personal adventure stories and cultural interactions opens up the mind to socialize making the safari journey more fun and memorable. It is also much safer especially in places that you might not be familiar with and interestingly most campsites, hotels, airlines, tour operators offer discounts for groups of travelers hence saving you lots of money.

Travel smart and light without forsaking comfort while on the African safari, most travelers usually pack depending on the weather conditions in the destinations they are going to and the anticipated activities. This might determine your packing list but it does not guarantee you comfort along the way on a safari. You will require a light travel pro suit case that is not heavy yet accommodates everything you need, this allows you to overcome the stress of heavy lifting and set you right to maneuver through airports, crowded streets and be able to fit your carrier baggage weight restrictions .

In the tropical African climate with alternating wet and dry seasons it’s good to prepare for both conditions. Foot wear is very crucial especially on game drives or walking safaris; warm clothing is recommended and helpful when it comes to rainy seasons including water proof jackets and bags to safe guard your precious camera equipments and keeps you safe from freezing. Be aware that some parts of Africa are prone to diseases such as malaria, altitude related sickness and yellow fever hence you must be vaccinated against such and to keep you healthy all the time.

A secondary carrier can help to carry priority items such as passports, wallets, medications, computer or iPods, cameras, chargers and toiletries foe quick and ease access at any moment than to first unpack the main bag. It’s advisable to carry a neck fleece cloth.

Eat locally but mind of the good diet is very crucial to supplement your hotel meals especially when you are out on a safari journey or walk. Travelers must be careful and selective regarding foods found along the ways hence do not buy what you are not used to eating. Fresh fruits, whole grains are good to carry but remember hot weather might not be favorable to perishables keep it in mind not to overload perishables. Depending on your priority dietary habits whether vegetarian always ask your guide about vegetarian restaurants to suit your needs.

Globalization has eased the movement of business through the internet which implies that travelers should embrace digitalization of the media and social networking keeping in touch with travel agents locally and internationally. Smart phones or IPods are great tools to help travelers planning a safari to Africa in terms of easy communication, travel information updates by the various travel related news blogs and apps that will keep you on track and informed about your trip.

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