Checking Your Car Before Your Next Road Trip

Aleta Fimbres 19/06/2017

When planning on going on a road trip it is very important for your car to be running as smoothly as possible. There are a number of things to look out for to help you avoid any mechanical issues or breakdowns along the way. The following tips should definitely help you to have a great road trip!

Check your tyres

Ensuring that your tyres are in good shape is simple good practice, whether you are on a road trip or not. You can check if your tyres are worn by looking at the tread on them, if there is less than 2.5mm of tread you should probably replace the tyres. You can look at sites like to find out more about the specific dimensions that your car may need when it comes to tyres and you can also order them here too.

Check air pressure

Another aspect of checking your tyres is checking that there is enough air in your tyres. Each specific car and tyre type will have optimal air levels, so check your car manual to see what this is. The optimal level of air means a more efficient and comfortable road trip for you.

Check the fluids

It is important to check that you have the right amount of water, brake fluid, oil and other fluids in your car before you go.  Not enough water may mean that your car cannot cool itself as efficiently and cause problems. On the other hand things like window washer fluid are important for visibility, especially when weather conditions are not good. An oil change may also be a good idea, especially if your oil has not been changed for a long time anyway.

Check the air filter

The air filter is a key reason for good performance in your car and it improves how efficient your car is, as well as the performance. On a long drive having good clean airflow to your engine will mean that your fuel costs are lower and your car can operate much more easily in terms of performance. You should always check this before going on a long drive.

Check the lights and signals

The lights and signals of your car are very important and you should ensure that all are working before you leave. It is as simple as turning everything on and checking it and you could even get a friend or family member to help you to check it too. It may not seem like a big deal, but this is a very important task and makes all the more difference when you are driving a lot on something like a road trip.

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