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Back to Bosnia

Aleta Fimbres 11/01/2009

Ever party in a booby-trapped building? Well, you would have, had you been in Sarajevo this past July 13. That night was the culmination of the first trip organized by Back to Bosnia, a group of charitable folk based in (but not limited to) Prague. More fotos here That’s right, the slavnost was a part of a charity mission, in which toys (donated by generous Praguers and collected at various businesses throughout Prague) were delivered… Back to Bosnia

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Jeremy’s Asian Travelogue

Aleta Fimbres 11/01/2009

Greetings from Bangkok! It’s monsoon season here and about once a day the sky opens up with a huge downpour. Every time this happens I’m hoping that the rain will dissipate the oppressive heat and humidity but it doesn’t, it just makes the whole city into a big steam bath with boiling puddles of sketchy water everywhere. I got here Friday and I’ve been dealing with jet lag. The famous Thai Massage, billed as an… Jeremy’s Asian Travelogue

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