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Must See Things in Dalaman

Aleta Fimbres 27/02/2014

Turkey is probably the best place I have been to recently, the country really does have it all! From historical sites, beaches, the sunshine, amazing food and great people. You really can’t ask for a better combination than that, it all adds up to create the perfect holiday destination. I loved every second of my holiday, my favourite spot that I visited has to be Dalaman. I was fortunate enough to book my Dalaman holidays… Must See Things in Dalaman

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5 Things You Must Do in Istanbul

Aleta Fimbres 19/12/2013

If you love history, architecture, food, vibrant culture or any and all of the above, Istanbul is your perfect destination. This diverse city is the only one in the world to span two continents, and its culture shows it. Here, you’ll experience the present beauty of Islamic culture contrasted with the city’s history of Byzantine, Roman and Ottoman empires. So while you’re spending time in this unique city, make sure to check these 5 things… 5 Things You Must Do in Istanbul

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Istanbul and beyond…

Aleta Fimbres 10/01/2009

Rich history, vibrant culture, delectable cuisine and stunning architecture await you in Istanbul, the “heartbeat of Turkey”, where East meets West. If you’re aching for a new cultural experience, but only have a long-weekend or so to spare, be adventurous and journey to Istanbul. Within a few short hours you could find yourself basking in the Middle Eastern flair of Turkey. The price is right too, considering the low cost of a round trip flight,… Istanbul and beyond…

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