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Planning a picturesque escape to France

Aleta Fimbres 03/03/2015

The term “picturesque” is evocative by definition, meaning a place that is beautiful or attractive, particularly in a quaint or charming way. No matter what this conjures in your imagination, France is a destination that has it all: twisting cobbled streets, old stone mills with water wheels turning lazily as the river flows by, fairytale châteaux, vast swathes of sun-soaked vineyards, and sandy beaches stretching to a sparkling blue sea. From celebrity-studded St. Tropez and… Planning a picturesque escape to France

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Amazing Things That You Can Do In Fiji

Aleta Fimbres 13/01/2015

Fiji being a seamless destination for travel has attracted tourist from all over the world. The Fiji holiday is perfect for family holiday where you can bring your kids along. It is also a great idea to plan a honeymoon in Fiji. Nevertheless, Fiji has been called as one of the romantic destinations of the world. However, you need to check out some of the all inclusive resorts in Fiji for staying in Fiji. Check out… Amazing Things That You Can Do In Fiji

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3 Reasons to visit Piriopolis, Uruguay

Aleta Fimbres 05/11/2014

I’ve lost count of how many great places I’ve visited by accident. I have a whole lot planned, with all the details pulled together by people and tour guides that are keen to get you to the major destinations. In truth, I’ve been disappointed by those, and look back with a mild sense of irritation at the days and nights wasted in destinations that have been played up by some folk, and exaggerated by its… 3 Reasons to visit Piriopolis, Uruguay

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48 Hours in Barcelona

Aleta Fimbres 06/10/2014

It’s one of the most popular cities in Europe and it’s easy to see why.  With its mix of stunning architecture and historic buildings, along with a reputation of fine cuisine and tapas like nowhere else in the world, Barcelona is a city that offers visitors so much to see and do.  It will be hard for you to see and do everything during a short trip to Barcelona, but if you are planning on… 48 Hours in Barcelona

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Why should we travel?

Aleta Fimbres 31/03/2009

International Travel is continually on the rise and the number of students and young people taking significant journeys has been steadily increasing… Travel changes people’s lives for the better, why not set ourselves a resolution for the new year and travel? “Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness. Broad wholesome, and charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one tiny corner of the globe.” – Mark Twain

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