Caravan and Cottage Holidays In The UK

Aleta Fimbres 15/09/2016

In the past, a caravan or cottage holiday might have been seen as a cheap and not so cheerful option. Today things couldn’t be more different, with state-of-the-art towed caravans, motor homes and static park homes seeing a huge rise in popularity. Of course this is not for everyone and you could always holiday in the Forest of Dean instead.

Partly due to the ‘staycation’ effect, caravan holidays in the UK are now more popular than ever. In fact they make up around 17% of all holidays taken in Britain and are the most popular kind of paid-for holiday in the UK.

So, what are the reasons for this new found appeal?




An increasingly popular destination for caravan enthusiasts is the area around Liverpool, mainly due to the high quality of the sites and facilities which can be found there. Formby Point Caravan Park on Lifeboat Road Formby is family owned and has both beach and woodlands nearby while Lyons Farm on Prescot Road near Maghull is a small site with only five pitches and a great example of a destination for those more interested in quiet and seclusion.




Most of the big manufacturers are now incorporating cutting-edge technologies into motorhomes and caravans, with driving aids such as satnav and safety enhancements coming as standard and accommodation extras like power showers far more common.


Not only that, new designs are giving the whole range of options great aesthetic appeal which mirrors similar moves in areas such as glamping, narrow boat canal holidays and boutique hotels.


British tradition


There has long been a love affair between the British and their caravans, as documented in the recent BBC documentary Caravans: A British Love Affair.


Perhaps going against the widely held view that caravans were a cheap holiday for the masses who couldn’t afford better, the documentary reveals how caravans were once the plaything of a privileged minority. It was only after the Second World War that the idea became popular, with almost 25% of the population taking part at its height.


The phenomenon spiked in the 60s when the UK’s road networks became bigger and better, but the advent of cheap, short haul, airline flights meant that people could afford to travel abroad too.


Modern day


Today, celebrity endorsements, the desire to take holidays in the UK and improvements across the whole range of caravan styles have come together to bring the British love of caravanning back to life. Presenting a fun and modern way to travel around the country, they are once again popular with families who take advantage of the ‘home from home’ facilities they offer.




Although buying a top-of-the-range mobile home or touring caravan can be a significant investment that might perhaps be one of the biggest you will make, static caravans can present more affordable options.


Static caravans sited on UK holiday parks are a great way to spend quality time away from home in an affordable and enjoyable way. There are plenty of great locations around the UK that you can rent for short or long term periods and this means plenty of versatility and variety for holidaymakers.


Obviously, going for a mobile option means you can visit many different locations and make the best of what the UK has to offer, thoughyou should not forget to look into caravan insurance.


Whatever your choice of caravan, location or destination, a caravan holiday in the UK could be one of the best decisions you’ll make! 

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