Board a Super Jet and Celebrate the New Year Twice in Two Different Time Zones

Aleta Fimbres 26/01/2016

New Year’s Eve is one of the most exciting and fun times of the entire year – why wouldn’t you want to celebrate more than once?

If you want to ring in the New Year again and again there are a number of locations around the world you can experience New Year’s Eve – two times! Regardless of where your starting destination may be, you will find an equally fun destination in another time zone to celebrate all over again. There are several options to make this a New Year’s Eve that goes on and on.

One option is to climb on board a super jet and take off to a different time zone. This means you enjoy a party on the ground, a party in the air and then again on the ground – talk about the party that never stops.

Celebrating New Year’s Eve Again and Again

New Year’s Eve is definitely a reason to celebrate. If you are searching for the best options to enjoy the New Year again and again, there are several possibilities to consider.

In fact, there are four ways you could celebrate New Year’s several times, but this will definitely require the help of a super jet for at least three of the options.

  • Cross the International Date Line: This will allow you an entire day to celebrate the New Year all over again. There is only one IDL, so this will only allow you to celebrate twice.
  • Move across a land border that has a significant time difference. For example, you can gain three and a half hours when you move from the western portion of China to Afghanistan; however, these locations are not exactly where the party is. In most cases, celebrating will only be able to happen twice with this method.
  • Fly west as the planet rotates. The Earth rotates at a rate of 1675 km/h at the equator so the challenge is finding a plane that can match this rate.
  • New Year’s at the International Space Station. If you have a spare $20 million laying around for the ride you can experience 16 exact midnight New Year’s Eve moments.

Obviously the most realistic option is to charter a private jet to take you to two destinations of your choosing on New Year ’s Eve. Super Jets offer superior comfort with wider aisles than most of the other commercial jets in the air. There are all types of options to choose from, including understated options or high-luxury options featuring full casinos and marble everything. The budget you have for your New Year’s Eve excursion will impact the jet that is right for you.

Making Your Plans

If you are ready to experience New Year’s Eve more than once this year, then it is time to start making arrangements. This is a unique experience that many find intriguing and to ensure you can get the private charter you want, making plans early on is essential. Some things to have ready when calling for a cost for your super jet rental includes:

  • Starting location
  • Planned destination
  • Number of passengers
  • Length of the trip
  • Size of the plane you desire
  • Amenities and features needed

There are countless options when it comes to private charter jets; however, finding a provider that is known for quality and safety is important. If this will be your first experience, research is important, since it will provide you with the ability to make an educated decision regarding the plane selected.


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