An island of your own!

Aleta Fimbres 28/01/2009

Fuji Turtle IslandBeing stranded on a desert island may not deserve the disrepute it has earned.

If you ask us, Tom Hank’s character Chuck Noland’s predicament in the movie Cast Away was a case of falling on the wrong side of probability.

These days, islands are no longer isolated ‘where-no-man-dares-to-thread’ places; instead, many have been transformed into the stuff of dreams.

For a beautiful romantic getaway (or hermetic existence away from civilisation), picture-perfect islands are being put up for rent for the ultimate exclusive and relaxing holiday.

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Head out to Fiji, where tucked away in the stunning waters of the South Pacific is Turtle Island, a holiday destination that only allows 14 couples to share this 500 acre of heaven at a time.

This unspoiled haven has already enjoyed its moments of fame, used as a shooting location for Columbia Picture’s 1980 movie The Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields, and most recently, the honeymoon destination for Bachelorette Tristra Rehn and husband Ryan Sutter.

Besides its stunning physical beauty, Turtle Island pumps up the wow factor with this no holds barred list of delightful indulgences: massages, private dining experiences, mesmerizing beach houses and a host of personal attendants that charm you with disarming Fijian hospitality.

Couples can even organize a romantic wedding along the beach. Naturally, The Turtle Island experience comes with a price tag to match, costing $200,000 for renting the entire island for a week or around $2000 per night for each couple.

For those with more possessive tendencies and a lot more moo-lah, these islands can also be bought as personal property. It’s almost like monopoly: someone lands on your property, charge them for invasion!

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