5 Great Reasons Why You Should Visit Antarctica

Aleta Fimbres 28/12/2016


You may have often wondered how to travel to Antarctica and why you might do this. I got really excited by this topic, especially after I was able to visit the frozen continent last year. I thought it would be a good reason for me to write a blog post to try and convince you why you should be visiting this wonderful place. So read on to find out more.

You have never been to a place like it before

There is no question that you have never been to a place like Antarctica before, you may also have never even considered how to how to travel to Antarctica, or even thought of it as a holiday destination. This is what makes it so unique as a travel destination, the most common way to get there is by cruise ship, which is not at all typical. It makes sense though, no ordinary plane would fly there.

It’s either dark or light

One thing that is interesting to note about Antarctica is that it is either dark or light. Between the summer months of November and March, there can be over 20 hours of light in a day. This is direct contrast to the winter, where there is absolutely no sunshine at all. You can only actual travel there in the summer due to the light and also in the winter the ice thickens and is almost impossible for ships to navigate. This is totally bizarre, but makes it the destination that it is.

The history behind it

One of the most fascinating aspects of Antarctica is the history behind it. So much went on here in the race to the South Pole. Names like Mawson, Shackleton and Scott come to mind. Experiencing some of the things that they did and saw is a very moving experience. Of course your journey is not going to be anywhere near as hard, but you can appreciate what they had to deal with and the amazing journeys that they had.

The animals

I love the animals in Antarctica and it has been one of the best places to see animals that have very little human contact. Strangely enough this doesn’t mean that they are scared of humans, but rather the opposite. Penguins, for example, are very curious of humans and there were even times where they would come up to me to get a closer look. They are also creatures with a great nature and they love to play, they are just full of personality. Aside from penguins you can see whales, seals and a number of other bird species in Antarctica.

The isolation

One of the greatest things about Antarctica is the fact that it is totally isolated from the rest of the world and totally unspoiled. I can’t think of a place that has been so well cared for and the natural beauty that goes with it is just unbelievable. Think about the huge icebergs, mountains, glaciers and ice as far as you can see, and that sums up Antarctica.

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