5 Facts About Chinese New Year

Aleta Fimbres 14/02/2014

Chinese new year is enjoyed by people all over the world every year, everyone loves the fireworks, tasty food and great street parades. If you haven’t had the chance to join in the celebrations yet then you need to get into the festival spirit next, I assure you that you won’t regret it! If you want to get an insight in to what to expect then take a look at this video. We are now in the year of the horse which is supposed to be a lucky year for couples to get married and to have a baby, so don’t waste anytime maybe this is the year you should pop the question? Here are some fun facts about this famous festival, Chinese New Year is certainly my favourite so I hope you get to enjoy it too.

– The festival is celebrated throughout the world for the first day of the new lunar calendar. It is sometimes called Spring Festival because the festival marks the beginning of the spring season. Chinese New Year is celebrated in either January or February depending on which year it is.

– The food that is eaten during Chinese New Year is all very symbolic and is eaten for a reason. The food represents the ideas of luck, wealth and also health. Dumplings are traditionally eaten, fish is also eaten during this time because fish are seen to represent money. All the food is supposed to bring you good things in the new year.

– Similar to our christmas time celebrations, Chinese New Year is a family orientated time. The family will come together, usually for the only time that year, for a reunion over a feast of food. It is the one time in the year that families look forward to because it means that they will all be together again.

– The dances that you will see in the street parades are performed in order to drive away the evil spirits. You will see lion and dragon puppets dancing along the street accompanied by lots of cymbals clashing and loud drums, the noise is seen as driving away any bad luck or evil spirits leaving the new year to be a icky one.

– Each year is represented by a different animal. To see which animal that represents you simply enter your date of birth below. You will not only find out about the animal that represents your year of birth but also lots of other interesting facts about yourself.

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