3 Reasons to visit Piriopolis, Uruguay

Aleta Fimbres 05/11/2014

I’ve lost count of how many great places I’ve visited by accident. I have a whole lot planned, with all the details pulled together by people and tour guides that are keen to get you to the major destinations. In truth, I’ve been disappointed by those, and look back with a mild sense of irritation at the days and nights wasted in destinations that have been played up by some folk, and exaggerated by its online portrayal. Piriopolis, in Uruguay is NOT such a place. I found it by accident, merely wanting to use it as a stopover until I get to Punta del Este, and I loved it so much, I didn’t even end up at the resort. It would be fair to say I enjoy things a little quieter, so Piriopolis was just what I wanted. One could easily look to book a whole house through housetrip.com if you want and make it something even more unforgettable. For those that don’t need to paraglide, and flash money around and dress to impress, then you might find you resonate with the humility of this little seaside village, 104 KM east of Montevideo, and 24 KM west of Punta del Este. I ended up there after days of crazy city life in Argentina and Uruguay and I’m so glad I did. If you are stuck in the ‘should we or shouldn’t we’ space, let me help you with 3 reason why you SHOULD visit Piriopolis. The beach. It’s the main reason the town is there, and sitting on the firm white sand, near the tanned locals, watching the sun set, reset my stressed and tired mind. I walked a block up to a local supermarket for the freshest baguette, cold meat and cheese and returned for a picnic lunch, right on the golden sand, watching the sun glisten off the ocean. The Cable Chair ‘sillitas’ that takes you up San Antonio Hill. The experience makes you feel like a child and swaying to a fro as your feet dangle in the air is half the fun and the view from the top is spectacular. Time your visit just right, and the sunset is unforgettable. Grab a bite to eat while you’re up there or have a look around the chapel. The Village Feel: The truth is that I am not a party person and I’m happiest when things are quiet, unassuming and laid back. Piriopolis is humble in almost every aspect, the people extraordinarily friendly, the food inexpensive yet satisfying. My highlight was a side walk café, serving out-of-this-world seafood in a cast iron pot, enjoyed with superb wine and the sound of street performers doing the tang nearby, with the delightful feeling of having sea sand still stuck in between my toes! If the sheer thought of small beach-town hospitality makes you smile, you won’t be disappointed by what you find at Piriopolis, Uruguay.  

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