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3 Reasons why everyone loves Cancun!

Aleta Fimbres 09/10/2014

Cancun is known globally as being the destination where young American students go to celebrate Spring Break every year, but what you have to know is that Cancun has so many amazing reasons to visit at anytime of the year. It’s hard to believe that it used to be a small, little known town, now it is probably one of the most famous resorts that the Caribbean has. I have been to Cancun before, my… 3 Reasons why everyone loves Cancun!

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48 Hours in Barcelona

Aleta Fimbres 06/10/2014

It’s one of the most popular cities in Europe and it’s easy to see why.  With its mix of stunning architecture and historic buildings, along with a reputation of fine cuisine and tapas like nowhere else in the world, Barcelona is a city that offers visitors so much to see and do.  It will be hard for you to see and do everything during a short trip to Barcelona, but if you are planning on… 48 Hours in Barcelona

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