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Long-Term Travel Tips

Aleta Fimbres 31/01/2014

  We all know those people who moved abroad a few years ago and never came back. Did they just strike it lucky, being able to travel for a lifestyle? It’s easy to look at them and think, “that can’t be possible!” But the fact is, it’s completely possible. If you crave the thrill of complete freedom, the ability to explore the world at your own pace and self-sustainable income, then you’ll be interested in… Long-Term Travel Tips

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5 Things to See In Toronto

Aleta Fimbres 29/01/2014

Toronto definitely tops any list of the best cities to visit in Canada. It’s an international melting pot of people, cultures, food, art and so much more. Whether you like browsing galleries, listening to great music or sampling cuisine from around the world, you can do it all in this awesome city. If you find yourself never wanting to leave, you can rent an apartment fully furnished with Skyviewsuites. It’s a great and affordable way to… 5 Things to See In Toronto

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Get active on Fuerteventura

Aleta Fimbres 26/01/2014

  Getting sporty on holiday is increasingly becoming the trend, as the island of Fuerteventura will attest to. Home to dozens of resorts geared towards all manner of activities, this Canary island attracts all sorts of keen sportsmen. The question is – what is it about Fuerteventura that gets the blood pumping and the pulse racing? Part of the answer is in its name – Fuerteventura can be roughly translated to mean ‘strong winds’, something… Get active on Fuerteventura

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Top points of interest in Laos

Aleta Fimbres 26/01/2014

  Laos is famous for being a country of wonders, from its amazing monuments and pristine landscapes to its laidback vibe and friendly locals. If you’re planning a trip here, whether as part of a wider tour of south-east Asia or as a holiday in its own right, there are certain sights you really shouldn’t miss. We’ll give you the lowdown on the best of the best below, while you can find out more about… Top points of interest in Laos

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Reasons why Cape Town Needs to Be on Your Bucket List

Aleta Fimbres 25/01/2014

There are many reasons why a large proportion of holiday makers to South Africa arrive and depart from Cape Town. While Johannesburg may be closer to the best safari destinations, Cape Town is still the top place to make your base while on your holidays, but why is that? Cape Town is Unique You can compare Cape Town to Sydney or San Francisco as they all sit on the water and the water is one… Reasons why Cape Town Needs to Be on Your Bucket List

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