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Why should we travel?

Aleta Fimbres 31/03/2009

International Travel is continually on the rise and the number of students and young people taking significant journeys has been steadily increasing… Travel changes people’s lives for the better, why not set ourselves a resolution for the new year and travel? “Travel is fatal to bigotry, prejudice, and narrow-mindedness. Broad wholesome, and charitable views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one tiny corner of the globe.” – Mark Twain

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Kite-boarding in Asia

Aleta Fimbres 31/03/2009

Part extreme sport, part graceful ballet, kite-boarding is the fast-growing water sport and these are ten of the best places in Asia to indulge in it. Kiteboarding is the hottest and fastest-growing water sport the world has seen in decades. Growing out of relative obscurity just over a decade ago, this sexy hybrid of wind-surfing and kite-flying quickly caught the attention of thrill-seekers everywhere. Many aficionados would argue that the Asia-Pacific region, with its countless… Kite-boarding in Asia

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Obama in the house

Aleta Fimbres 26/03/2009

Madame Tussauds pays tribute to the first African-American president of the United States of America by including his wax figurine in the hall of Historical and National Heroes! Unveiled in eight locations including Hong Kong, London and Shanghai on January 20 in conjunction with Inauguration Day, the Obama figurine sports a sharp tailored suit and the President’s signature smile. {loadposition content_adsensecontent} Bret Pidgeon, General Manager of Madame Tussauds Hong Kong and Shanghai says “Hong Kong… Obama in the house

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Take Tea in Buckingham Palace

Aleta Fimbres 26/03/2009

Fancy a crumpet in the historic environs of Buckingham Palace? After 300 years, the palace is opening its doors to the public for the first time with guided tours of its 16-hectare garden on selected dates in April, May and June. {loadposition content_adsensecontent} Highlights of the tour include a 156-metre herbaceous border, wisteria-clad summerhouse, rose garden, the Waterloo Vase made in Italy for George IV and the tennis court where King George Vi and three-time… Take Tea in Buckingham Palace

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Tastes of Vietnam

Aleta Fimbres 26/03/2009

Foodies who’d love to experience a countrythrough its culinary heritage will be delighted to hear that Exotissimo Travel has designed a tour through Vietnam that offers cooking courses, culinary excursions, sightseeing opportunities and deluxe accommodation. For 12 days you’ll explore Vietnam’s coastline cuisine from south to north, savourtrendy fusion feasts and delicious street food. {loadposition content_adsensecontent} Learn to cook in specially-led classes, harvest vegetables alongside local farmers, dine in romantic colonial properties and discover indigenous… Tastes of Vietnam

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

Aleta Fimbres 26/03/2009

{loadposition content_adsensecontent} Known as the City of Mosques, some of the must-see gems of Dhaka include the Seven Domed Mosque, Baitul Mukarram, National Mosque and Star Mosque. While there, don’t forget to check out the fine muslin, jamdani cloth woven with stunning geometric and floral designs and pink pearls for which Dhaka is famous.

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Tianjin, gateway to Beijing

Aleta Fimbres 26/03/2009

{loadposition content_adsensecontent} The third largest city in China, Tianjin lies 137km southeast of Beijing and has a fascinating history that’s evident in the city’s beautiful landscape of old and new buildings with varying architectural influences. Tea connoisseurs will also appreciate its many traditional tea houses where age-old rituals in tea preparation and appreciation can be enjoyed. Extremely well-connected by rail, bus and air services, Tianjin also is the perfect gateway to the ancient city of… Tianjin, gateway to Beijing

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Luxury Nature Walks

Aleta Fimbres 26/03/2009

Love adventure but loathe giving up creature comforts? Then you’ll be thrilled by Southeast Queensland’s latest offering: Spicers Private Walk, a four-day guided bushwalking experience that comes with luxury accommodation! {loadposition content_adsensecontent} Offered by luxury guided walks company Hidden Peaks, the tour includes a visit to Spicers Peak Nature Refuge and Main Range National Park before spending the night at Knoll Tents Campsite and Peppers Spicers Peak Lodge. This pristine environment is located just 90… Luxury Nature Walks

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Sea World Gold Coast Cruises

Aleta Fimbres 26/03/2009

Sea World has launched two new exciting catamaran cruises on Gold Coast’s Broadwater! On the one-and-a-half hour Sea World Sunset Cruise, tourists can take in the glorious sunset with a glass of wine before enjoying stunning views of Gold Coast’s twinkling nightscape. Alternatively, opt for a two-anda-half hour Sea World Islands in the Sun Cruise that takes you on a day tour that sails past the magnificent Palazzo Versace, Marina Mirage and fantastic waterfront homes… Sea World Gold Coast Cruises

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