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Orchid Club rooms at the Plaza Parkroyal Hotel

Aleta Fimbres 28/01/2009

A Sweet Suite… Rest assured you can check-in here in style. Even though the new Orchid Club rooms at the Plaza Parkroyal Hotel may have only been introduced to its guests for a month, the hotel has already reported a highly favourable response to this latest upscale offering. The response comes with good reason: situated on the two uppermost floors of the hotel, these new rooms have been recently renovated, with a new wing on… Orchid Club rooms at the Plaza Parkroyal Hotel

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An island of your own!

Aleta Fimbres 28/01/2009

Being stranded on a desert island may not deserve the disrepute it has earned. If you ask us, Tom Hank’s character Chuck Noland’s predicament in the movie Cast Away was a case of falling on the wrong side of probability. These days, islands are no longer isolated ‘where-no-man-dares-to-thread’ places; instead, many have been transformed into the stuff of dreams. For a beautiful romantic getaway (or hermetic existence away from civilisation), picture-perfect islands are being put… An island of your own!

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Amanwana Komodo Expedition

Aleta Fimbres 27/01/2009

Holiday with Komodos, for nothing says money like a holiday with giant lizards. Amanwana Komodo Expedition season begins in summer and runs until late October. This unique, three-night trip through the eastern Indonesian archipelago combines the chance to view the Komodo dragons up-close and personal, plus the opportunity to experience some of the country’s most acclaimed diving and snorkelling sites, renowned for their spectacular underwater biodiversity. {loadposition content_adsensecontent} Komodo National Park is a world heritage… Amanwana Komodo Expedition

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Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street

Aleta Fimbres 24/01/2009

From the runway to the impulse-buy section at the grocery store, people today are always looking for the newest, latest fashions. I recently just returned from Fashion Week in Korea and found many exciting labels worth looking for on your next trip there. Who cares if you have to go to Korea to find them? In Korea, especially during the 1990s, studying abroad was an extremely popular fad. The foreign-educated locals of the Cheongdam-dong area… Cheongdam-dong Fashion Street

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Alila Villas Uluwatu

Aleta Fimbres 23/01/2009

Design Hotels has announced the opening of its newest member hotel Alila Villas Uluwatu on April 1, 2009. Alila Villas Uluwatu Bali is the first village-owned pool in a new generation of Alila Hotels and Resorts. It is the first resort in Bali designed from scratch to achieve Green Globe certification, the highest level of environmentally sustainable design (ESD) certification.Thanks to attention given to water conservation, recycling and energy savings, guests can relax in innocent… Alila Villas Uluwatu

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